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Our story…

Our team can’t remember when we didn’t have pets in our family. Christine got her first cat the week she was born. Snowy lived to a ripe old age of 22. Kellie’s first cat was an orange tabby that looked just like O’Malley from Disney’s “The Aristocats’ who lived almost as long. Christopher’s first dog, Benji…yep! You guessed it – was a terrier mix who looked like a twin to Benji from the movies. He was Christopher’s buddy until after he graduated from college. And of course, there have been multiple fluffy friends along the way, each one bringing their special spunk and personality to our families and making our lives so much richer as reward.

Why we are here

Pets give so much to us that we wanted to create this site as a way to give back to them…and to you. Taking care of a pet so they have a long, happy life is a big responsibility. So many pets end up at shelters. Picking the right pet for your family, your lifestyle, and situation is important. Raising, training and caring for your pet throughout the many stages of their lives is your commitment to them. Senior pets in particular take special care.  And when it the time comes for them to find their way across the Rainbow Bridge, how do you cope with the loss of your best friend? We’ve been through all of those experiences. We are happy to share what we have learned.

Our goal for Benji’s Best

Whatever stage of life your furry family member may be, we hope you find resources that can help make it a great experience.  Senior pets in particular bring a special sweetness to our lives.  This site is a tool and resource to help your furry friend become truly one of the family for years to come.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out as best as possible.

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