Author: Christine Ketay

I am the person behind Benji's Best.

Feeding your senior pet

Feeding an older pet is not unlike feeding ourselves as we age. We slow down. Our metabolism changes. We develop health issues. And just like people, watching your pet’s diet becomes part of the daily routine in caring for your pet. For most pets, a low-calorie, high fiber, lower sodium diet will meet their overall […]

The case for adopting a senior dog

November is adopt a Senior Pet Month. Let’s celebrate our senior pets. They bring so very much to our lives. While the AVMA generally considers a senior pet to be around 7 years old, this varies by breed. Smaller breeds age more slowly than do larger and giant breeds of dog. You can refer to […]

Grieving Pet Loss – thoughts and feelings

You’ve lost a good friend. Whether the loss was sudden or anticipated, it is never easy. Everybody grieves differently There is no one way to grieve the loss of a dear pet.  There is no right way, and there’s no wrong way. Some people feel the loss of a beloved pet immediately and move on. Some […]

Senior Pets – Still young at heart

Pets age more quickly than people. So, while your dog or cat may just be a few years old in calendar years, in animal years, it is quite a different story. In a recent survey, reported that nearly 40% of pets are seniors and that number, much like the growth in the senior population among […]

About us

  Our story… Our team can’t remember when we didn’t have pets in our family. Christine got her first cat the week she was born. Snowy lived to a ripe old age of 22. Kellie’s first cat was an orange tabby that looked just like O’Malley from Disney’s “The Aristocats’ who lived almost as long. […]


We know how much your fuzzy family members mean to you. They are your babies, kids, grand puppies, feline friends, companions, best buddies…We get it! Pets are family too. They are a source of unconditional love, laughter, stories, pictures, stress reduction and snuggles. You have found a home here! A source of the best products […]