Rainbow Memories

One of the most important elements about Benji’s Best is to give all of us a place to celebrate and remember our beloved pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We know they are so very much more than pets.  Our companions, confidants, buddies, helpers, friends.  

So please, take this opportunity to tell us about your friend.   Share a picture.  Share stories.  Let us all help you celebrate all that was special about your beloved friend.

Together, we can help each other keep our friends in our hearts, knowing our lives will be forever enriched.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Memories”

  1. Wilson Russell says:

    I had this little dog named Holly. She was an outside dog for most of her life because I have allergies to pet dander. She got very sick so we decided to bring her inside so she could enjoy the rest of her life. She ended up living many more years and became a very important part of our lives! She was so fun and cute she had a little curled pig tail that would wag a 100 miles an hour! She was also an escape artist. She would do all sorts of crazy things to get out and run around to explore. We would have to chase her and you could tell she enjoyed getting chased around. We would have to give up several times and wait for her to come home later.

    She eventually stopped eating her dog food but she would eat if we gave her human food. Eventually she quit eating food all together and we knew we had to put her down:( When we were bringing her to the car she escaped my fathers arms and starting running all over the neighborhood wagging her tail and playing. It was the saddest thing ever but we were glad she got the thrill of one more escape!

    1. admin says:

      What a great story! Holly sounds like a wonderful spirit who brightened your lives. It is so difficult to lose a pet. I’m glad she never lost her spunk! Thank you for sharing Holly with us!

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